The festive season is approaching fast and that means more entertaining and gatherings with friends.
Nothing can beat a dip and cheese platter and we thought we would inspire you with this delicious looking pumpkin hummus.
Something a little bit different.
Pumpkin Hummus Recipe
250g chickpeas⠀(try our HealthBuzz organic or non-organic chick peas)
1 Cup Pumkin puree⠀
2 Tbsp Tahini⠀(coming soon)
2 Tbsp olive oil⠀
1 tsp Cumin⠀(available on HealthBuzz)
1 tsp Salt⠀(try HealthBuzz Himalayan pink salt)
1 tsp Black pepper⠀ (available on HealthBuzz)
1 Tbsp Lemon or lime juice⠀
1 Garlic clove⠀(or HealthBuzz garlic powder)
**sprinkle with pepitas or sunflower or black / white sesame – check out the HealthBuzz range for ideas
*Soak chickpeas and keep about 1-2 Tbsp of the chickpea water. Rinse chickpeas. Add all ingredients and 1-2 tbsp of chickpea water to a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Transfer to a bowl sprinkle some paprika and mixed seeds and drizzle a splash of olive oil on top to serve. Enjoy!⠀
Photo & recipe courtesy of @thefitstitch


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