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About Health Buzz



Health Buzz is your primary destination for all things good food! Prepare yourselves, because we supply a variety of delicious products at a darn good price!

At Health Buzz we’re offering an abundant selection of organic, natural and healthy products. We want to seamlessly inspire and surprise you with all the fun and yummy new products that enter the market! We also promise to deliver on our exceptionally high standards for quality because our Health Buzz taste testers are a hard crowd to please. At Health Buzz we know we are very ambitious in our goals to promote a healthy living lifestyle, however, we will try our best by always delivering quality food at a great price!

We’d love for you to know that when your shopping with Health Buzz, you’re shopping for a much bigger cause. We certify that our tasty and delicious products are also sustainable, non-GMO, eco-friendly and palm oil free. We’re a group of healthy living experts who are socially conscious of the various impacts the food and supply chain have on the environment. This motivates us to promote organic and biodynamic farming methods through the products we offer, because, we know we can make a difference.

We love our food at Health Buzz! We’re quite obsessed really. All the products we offer, including all your favourite health foods, won’t leave you out of pocket. Our Health Buzz team firmly believes everyone should be able to afford healthy products. We don’t just ‘talk the talk.’ Take a browse through our product range to see for yourself! If you see a similar product cheaper elsewhere, we promise to match it. That’s our Guarantee!

The Health Buzz Mission:

“To cultivate genuine and dynamic relationships with Australians by serving organic, natural and healthy products. We serve the responsibility of being honest with our customers about the true cost of food and educating individuals on how to be more conscious of their healthy living choices.”

 The Health Buzz Vision:

  • To serve and support Aussies towards living a healthier and more conscious lifestyle through the products we continuously offer
  • To be the primary destination for all healthy living promotion, wellness education and community involvement
  • To be Australia’s national leader for sourcing products and information in the natural food industry.

The Health Buzz Values:

  • We care about the earth and our impact. We value promoting organic and sustainable farming practices. This includes support towards the non-GMO and palm oil free movements
  • We care about our customers and providing outstanding service. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff available to assist and help with any online questions
  • We conduct our business in an ethical and respectful manner
  • We support all individuals on their quest to learning more about healthy living choices.


on orders over $150*


*Metro areas only (excludes WA + Tasmania