Freekeh is roasted green Australian grown durum wheat.  As it is harvested while still young, it retains more nutrients.  It is a versatile superfood that is packed with nutrition and health benefits such as a good source of protein and fibre, it is low in calories and carbs and high in iron.

With an earthy nutty flavour, freekeh makes a great replacement to other grains that you would use such as rice, quinoa or even bourghal.  Freekeh is quite versatile and can be used in many different formats including being mixed through salads, a replacement for potato in salmon cakes, porridge for breakfast or even add to soups or casseroles for more bulk.

As with all grains, it is recommended to rinse with cold water prior to cooking.  You can cook freekeh via your favourite method such as in an electric rice cooker, stove top (by boiling or absorption) or even in the microwave.  A general rule of thumb is 1 cup freekeh to 2 cups water (or stock).

We suggest a quick and easy tabbouleh by using cooked freekeh and adding chopped tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, mint, lemon juice, salt/pepper and olive oil.


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